We've noticed! Many outstanding container plantings have been sighted in and around Wauwatosa. Be sure to watch for our new  award "Eye-Popping Planters of Distinction" in each district.


Welcome to Wauwatosa signs have been erected at key entry points to Wauwatosa, welcoming residents and visitors alike. These signs were installed in 1995 and were provided through a generous grant from the Wauwatosa Savings Bank Foundation and are maintained by the Wauwatosa Beautification Committee.

*Please call Mary 414-915-4148 or Marge 414-807-5652 to report a vandalized sign.*



These programs are run by volunteers who give their time or talent to help the WBC preserve and improve many of the shrub, perennial, and annual beds in our community, developed and funded by the committee. Please call Susan, 414-453-0555, if you'd like to "dig-in" with us!


Each year the Wauwatosa Beautification Committee recognizes selected homes and businesses throughout Wauwatosa that have displayed, in their landscape, a special attention to detail. Colorful plantings of perennials or annuals, neatly tailored plant beds, manicured and well-maintained lawns - in short, homes whose yards have "curb appeal", are awarded a coveted Yard of Distinction award. Presentation of a certificate to each recipient takes place in a ceremony with the mayor at City Hall in October. Please call  by July 15  to nominate a yard.



The Wauwatosa Beautification Committee has named the following residential and commercial properties as 2010 Yards of Distinction. Winners will be recognized at the October 3, 2011 Common Council meeting, 7:30 p.m. Wauwatosa City Hall.

District 1

Robjohns,  2155 N 68th

Nickle, 6624 W Garfield

Schall, 6630 Vista Ave

District 2 

Parmeter, 8143 Richmond Ct

Dooley, 7825 Stickney

Kirchen, 7819 Stickney

District 3

Brown, 144 N 88th

Kraut, 322 N 116th

Goldstein, 8607 Glencoe

District 4

Styberg, 6804 Wisconsin Ave

Spakowicz, 305 Blanchard

Greenfield, 668 N 77th

District 5

Cefalu, 2446 N 66th

Raabe, 2420 Lefeber

Meidl, 2515 Lefeber

District 6

Bott, 2403 N 91 St

Blisset, 2624 N 90 St

Fassbender, 2325 Pasadena Blvd

District 7

Griswold, 1257 N 121 St

Randolph, 1321 N 118 St

Bothwell/Krohlow, 2406 N 117 St

District 8
Wetenkamp, 3642 Menomonee River Pky

Doucette, 3816 N 101 St

Commercial Properties

Schmidt & Bartelt Funeral Services, 10121 W North Ave

Dental Arts, 11600 W. North Ave

Apartment Building 9407 W. North Ave

Children's hoppital Foundation, 10361 Innovation Dr

The Cheesecake Factory, 2500 N Mayfair Rd